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  • 3 Tips to Open Your Creative Flow

    September 29, 2015

    Here are 3 tips to open your creative flow. When things are not going well in your life, it…

  • Love Actually

    September 22, 2015

    One of my favorite film comedies, is “Love Actually.” Not only is it fun, it’s a storytelling triumph. Remember:…

  • Sacred Autumn Secret

    September 16, 2015

    Autumn always brings the energy of endings. Discover this sacred autumn secret to counteract our shorter days, and a…

  • Clearing Clutter Continues

    September 6, 2015

    Following my post on clearing clutter, you sent encouragement and a query or two. As clearing clutter continues, I…

  • Struggle with Clutter

    September 1, 2015

    After telling friends about my struggle with clutter, the Universe conspired to assist me. I found “The Life-Changing Magic…