About Lindy

Lindy MacLaine is a successful “know-thyself” expert, author, speaker, and coach. She is committed to helping other creative, intuitive people in the second bloom of life find their way to living the most joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives they can imagine. She uses Scientific Hand Analysis to decode the Life Purpose map in her clients’ fingerprints, and offers creative workshops as an arena to explore exactly how they want to fulfill that Purpose. Having swallowed whole the notion that if one could do anything other than be a professional creative, one should, she spent decades excelling at a whole list of things she cared little to nothing about. When asked how that changed, Lindy says,

“The true crux of my mid-life crisis came when I risked my creative dreams and they utterly failed. I felt completely betrayed, by my own instincts and dreams.  I stopped trusting myself, became suicidal. 

“I survived by divine grace, but my heart and spirit were broken at a very deep level. I was creatively bereft. I resigned myself to living a small life – ‘This is all there is, so get used to it!’ I spent the better part of a decade living in that broken state.

“Getting my Life Purpose Hand Analysis from Baeth Davis at www.yourpurpose.com was a huge turning point. I finally understood what I was here to do. I just had to summon the courage to do it. 

“Baeth and other powerful, successful women entrepreneurs, like Fabienne Fredrickson, Ali Brown, Christine Kane, and Kendall-Summerhawk, modeled for me the possibility of taking what I loved, using it to serve others in a big way, while thriving at all levels. I wanted that! I took trainings, hired coaches, attended live events, and dreamed.”

When asked about her coaching style, Lindy says “I am a person who likes to have my hand held while walking into new territory, so that’s the kind of coach I am. I know how to be tough and stick to my guns, but process and follow-through are a must for me.”

Lindy is now using her creativity to gather an ever-increasing community of souls who are responding to the challenges of this time by stepping into their passions, their gifts, and their power. Together they are building a better world while believing in themselves and each other.

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