Dancing Queen

When was the last time you got to be a Dancing Queen? I got to be one just last week!

Dancing Queen! (Flirty dancing fun!)

There is nothing like dancing to embody your joy.

My friend Jenn turned 60 and celebrated as her heart desired—with an outdoor potluck barbeque on the beach. She encouraged guests to come dressed as a Mama Mia character, and she brought a costume basket with hats, scarves, boas, etc. to support our efforts.

It was a VERY hot day in Seattle. However, we lucked out—our picnic shelter was shaded, with a breeze off the water. It had to be the only cool spot in town. The first couple of party hours were spent eating and visiting with all the cool people Jenn invited. Don’t you love it when you meet friends of friends who feel like they are your friends as well?

People started peeling off, and I decided it was time to get down to the dancing. Our D.J. (with his ipad) put on the Mama Mia Soundtrack, we dove into the costume basket, and… Voila! Instant Dancing Queens! (Thank you Abba, for serenading us as Dancing Queens, even when no longer “young and sweet!”)

Dancing is my favorite part of any party…

I’m always amazed it isn’t everyone’s. It’s such a natural way to move for the joy of it, spurred on by the music. My guess is dancing is a common place to experience a confidence attack—fear of being seen and mocked for the way you look while dancing is widespread in this culture.

Of all the areas where I suffer a lack of confidence, and there are many, dancing is NOT one of them. Lucky me. I have an easy time dropping into the childlike freedom and joy of moving to music. With coaxing, I even got a trio of watching girls (from Albania!) to come join us.

Complete strangers to us, these three girls were self-conscious and giggled a lot, but soon they were costumed and wiggling along with me. They had an easier time getting into the fun of it than most of the adults. It’s a good tip: pretend to be 10 or 11 when you step onto a dance floor!

Perrilee, Purple Dancing Queen!

Young Dancing Queens...all the way from Albania!

Thank you, Jenn, for providing a place and time for me to be a Dancing Queen!

Coach’s Challenge:

If public dancing freezes you in your tracks, do yourself this favor at home: Crank your favorite music and dance your heart out. Go ahead—nobody’s watching. It frees something essential within when you let yourself be a Dancing Queen!

Birthday girl and her Dancing Queens... The four of us have been dear friends for almost 30 years!

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