Manifesting Matrix Style

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Manifesting Matrix Style

Because I’ve been getting these notes and loving them for a couple of years, I decided to purchase the creator’s new book: Playing the Matrix, by Mike Dooley.

This guy tours around the world talking about creating the life you want. (Sounds fun, huh!) He teaches this thing called “Playing the Matrix”—hence his book about it.


A couple of stand-out points:



First point:

As he explains manifesting matrix style, Mike talks about how critical it is to keep your intent large and general. “Happiness” is top of the line, because what part of life isn’t included in happiness? By doing this, the Universe has MUCH more room to bring it to you in whatever package best comprises happiness for you!

This is different from what I’ve heard before, about setting your intentions (and affirming them) very specifically and elaborately. For example:

”My book is now a NYT best-seller. Laura Rennert (agent) saw it and called to sign me on, and it sold immediately in a bidding war to Scholastic Books. The book is set to become a film now, with Lasse Hallström as director, starring Helen Mirren, Brad Pitt, and Angeline Jolie. It will be released in 2019, as a blockbuster hit. Related products are being produced by green toy companies, made only in America. I have retained all the merchandizing rights and profits are pouring in.”


Specifics like this have their place, and that place is in generating positive emotions. (Very important.) But when you attach to all those details, requiring the outcome to be “just so,” there are so many people that must cooperate, it becomes an enormous challenge for the Universe to bring it about! (I’m not saying it can’t be done, but the likelihood is exponentially lower the more you are attached to the details.) In essence you are telling the Universe: “I want it like THIS or not at all!”

Happiness is a girlfriend getaway!


Note to Self: Send my intent for “Happiness” to the Universe daily!

Second point:


Mike emphasizes the critical importance of taking action for manifesting matrix style. Almost any action. DO NOT WAIT for the “right” action! It only makes sense that you might choose actions you think could possibly take you in the direction of happiness (based on the information you have about yourself so far.)

If you are not taking action, the Universe surmises “Oh, I guess she wasn’t really serious about that desire, after all.” Definitely not what you want!

Note to Self: Get out there every day and DO SOMETHING(s) with positive expectation! (And don’t attach to the results!) Just DO STUFF and Trust!


Like all instructions on the art of manifestation, these instructions are simple, but not easy. Still, as Mike Dooley and his fabulous life demonstrates, this stuff works!


Coach’s Challenge:

Try manifesting matrix style this week. Apply these two factors as you go about creating your life: State your desire in very general terms, and take all kinds of action that might possibly lead you toward it. Oh, and remember to listen to what the Universe offers up in return! … Thoughts? Leave a comment below!

P.S. Ask your library to order Playing the Matrix so you can check it out if you don’t want to order it yourself. It’s out in hardback, so they just might do it!



Lindy MacLaine of is a Life Purpose Coach whose messages empower and inspire those in the second bloom of life to reclaim their dreams, reignite their passions and rekindle their joy.

She is the author of the fantasy adventure series Piper Pan and Her Merry Band, for those ages 9-109 who loved the Neverland and who long for adventures that matter.