New Year, New Thought

How do you approach the New Year with a New Thought?

I’m on lots of email lists, so I’ve been getting different people’s recommendations on how to do the New Year, New Thought thing. The point is to be mindful in your manifesting. In case you haven’t yet taken time to focus on it yourself, here are a few approaches:

Vision Boards

Lee Milteer teaches spiritual tools for use in the practical world, Lee uses a very focused tool for establishing a vision for each part of your life. She’s a big fan of vision boards—a terrific way to give your subconscious mind “driving instructions.” Access her ebook about manifesting through vision boards here.

I joined fellow Nia dancers at the Madrona MindBody Center in Port Townsend to make vision boards on New Year’s Eve Day. I put mine up on the wall in my “Reiki Room,” adding my favorite images from last year’s calendar by Kay and Jan Kepley of I love all the colors!

This year I’ve found myself reluctant to get specific about goals. When I try, I feel a wave of dissonance. My vision board images aren’t really representational of tangible desires. They are more about qualities. The dominant one is Courage.

…which leads me to another approach to the New Year, New Thought:

My 2017 Vision Board

Word of the Year

One of my favorite approaches comes from Christine Kane—choosing a word for the year as a guiding force. Here’s a link to download her terrific “Word of the Year Discovery Tool.” She also has a great post about creating vision boards.

My word for the year is Faith. I want to live with more faith in myself. More trust that I am in the right place at the right time, that the Divine “has my back.” When I look at my vision board, I realize that the courage I desire this year can come when I have this kind of faith in myself and in the Universe.

Theme for the Year

Morgana Rae is a coach who does a lot of work around transforming your relationship with money. She’s got a great workbook for sale on Amazon: “Financial Alchemy.” Her approach to New Year, New Thought is similar to Christine Kane’s “Word of the Year,” but slightly different. Here’s the blogpost where she talks about it.

Coach’s Challenge:

Click through to whichever of these approaches you feel drawn to, and take some time focusing on your desires for the year ahead. Being intentional makes all the difference in manifesting. You will manifest what you are carrying strongly in your emotional field: whether it’s love or fear. Take the time to flush the fear and expand the love!

Lindy MacLaine of is a Life Purpose Coach whose messages empower and inspire those in the second bloom of life to reclaim their dreams, reignite their passions and rekindle their joy.

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