Life Purpose Hand Analysis

Your life’s true purpose – revealed, once and for all!


Discovering your Life Purpose is no longer dependent purely on the strength of how well you can tune in to your heart and soul. It’s literally recorded in your fingerprints, waiting to be deciphered. No more guessing or wondering. Say good-bye to the heartache of wandering lost through life, and the fear of arriving at the end with a life un-lived.

Your fingerprints are formed in utero, in the 14 – 16th week of gestation; they stay the same your whole life (unlike other markings in your hands). They form a physio-neural map containing your soul contract: who you are here to be, and what you are here to do.

Richard Unger, author of Life Prints, created a system to decode the map in your fingerprints. His students, Baeth Davis and Pamelah Landers, two of the top hand analysis teachers out there today, were my trainers.

The resulting information results in three essential insights: your Life School, your Life Lesson, and your Life Purpose. Each provides transformational information, giving you keys to deeper meaning, more joy, greater connection – even greater health and wealth.

After signing up, you’ll receive a hand printing kit in the mail. When your prints reach us, we’ll phone to book your session.

Here are the essentials of what you will learn:

Your Life School

There are 4 Life Schools: Service, Wisdom, Love and Peace. Together they’re a perfect formula for life. We relate to all the Schools, but we’ve been assigned to the one (or ones) that give us the foundation and skills needed to fulfill our Life Purpose. Our School supports us and defines what we need to be truly happy. It also dictates our greatest fears – which can stop us, or motivate us. Knowing your Life School grounds you. It gives you tools to use every day that allow you to flourish.

Imagine you’re in a classroom, surrounded by other students, and the teacher has just called on you. The problem is, you don’t know what school this is, or what class, so how the heck will you know what to say?

Knowing your Life School allows you to move forward with confidence. You’ll learn:

  • What simple consistent action you can take to make every single day of your life better.
  • What “promise” you’re projecting to others, verbally or nonverbally, so you can make good on that promise.
  • How to organize your day so your School can support you.
  • Which actions you must take to stop struggling against life and start feeling buoyed up by it.

This translates to more energy, better health, and greater creativity.

Your Life Purpose

Imagine, actually knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who you came here to be!

There are 14 Life Purposes, before combinations. Will you learn you are:

  • An Author/Speaker?
  • An Artist in the Spotlight?
  • An Entrepreneur?
  • A Healer?
  • An Inventor?
  • An Advocate?
  • A Teacher or Mentor?

What wonderful Life Purpose will your hands reveal?

Lindy says:

“I once heard someone ask: ‘What if my fingerprints say I’m supposed to work at McDonalds?’  I can guarantee your fingerprints don’t say that – although McDonalds would be more than lucky to have you, especially if your Purpose is to be a Successful Businessperson! It’s normal to be afraid of what you will learn. You might fear disappointment, or feeling intimidated, or not relating at all.

“I’ve found it’s best to come to your session assuming the information your hands give you is right. If you feel like arguing, you are likely struggling with a chunk of denial.

“One woman, let’s call her ‘Betsy,’ discovered her Life Purpose is to be a Creative Artist in the Spotlight. ‘That can’t be!’ she said, and proceeded to explain why. It turned out her mother had told her repeatedly that she wasn’t creative, from a very young age. Embracing her purpose as an artist meant facing that her mother had told her an untruth. With encouragement, she recognized all the ways she was already so very creative, and longing to be more.”

Once you’ve learned who you came here to be, you’ll need to know what you came here to do.

Your Life Lesson

Your Life Lesson is your biggest blind spot. It’s the pattern that keeps replaying in your life, keeping you stuck, keeping you from your Purpose. Identifying your Lessons (most of us have more than one) gives us incredible power. It allows us to recognize the pattern that gets us in trouble, so we can respond differently.

You’ve heard the saying “We teach what we most need to learn.” Because your Life Lesson, combined with the dictates of your Life School, is what you are here to learn, it is also your greatest point of leverage. Taking your Life Lesson and inverting it, turning it from a liability to an asset, is what you’re here to do. Doing it is your fastest possible track to fulfilling your Life Purpose. It’s also what will give you the greatest sense of accomplishment and delight. Your Life Lesson is your key to the kingdom!

Follow-up Session: Looking Ahead

This session is our gift to you; a chance to discuss how you are integrating your new awareness into your life. There will be “aha’s” you’ll want to share. You’ll have questions – you’ll need to hear some things again. This session is your chance to review, and to make sure you’re fully supported as you move into becoming this larger version of who you already are. Or perhaps who you sort of knew you are, but didn’t really dare to be. It’s thrilling, and terrifying, to let go of the long list of excuses, to make a plan, and to put it into action.

Caution: This product is life transforming, and is only to be purchased by those who are serious about receiving such an experience.

Full Life Purpose Reading

Ordinary Price: $497 (It truly has the power to change your life. It has certainly changed mine!)

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