Support from Lindy Reiki Program

Calling creative, spiritual  service-oriented souls who seek a greater level of ease, abundance and delight:

How good are you at receiving?

Your ability to receive determines your level of abundance. 

Money, relationships, support, kindness, delight—the whole caboodle.

Do you sometimes feel like the harder you try, the harder things become? Like life is overwhelming and exhausting? Like you spend way too much time worrying and scrambling for too little results? Maybe it’s even gotten to the point where you’ve given up and have slid into the morass of discouragement, depression, or even despair. While you have enormous visions, the energy required to bring them into being seems beyond reach—the effort is robbing you of joy, straining your relationships, even putting your health into jeopardy?

You are trying to finance your life solely on personal energy.

I’m here to tell you it won’t work.

Here’s what you need: Support. (With a capital “S!”) From your body, from the Universe, from all your guides and invisible helpers, from the people you are working with and for, from the food that you eat, water you drink, from the very air that you breathe. And you need this Support without having to add to your already overwhelming load.

What if you had a regular practice in which you focus on receiving? What if it happened twice a week all year long, without you having to leave the house, sit down at your computer, or even pick up the phone?

Receiving is a muscle that needs dedicated exercise, like any other muscle. You can practice in small ways, like saying “thank you” when you receive a compliment. “Yes, please” when offered assistance. Think about it. How many times do you say this old thing?” when someone compliments your clothing? And when someone offers to help, I’d bet money your automatic response is “oh, no thanks. I can do it.”

You were taught to be self-sufficient, to not impose on others, to be humble. But energetically, these responses are a message to the Universe that you do not need anything else. So—are you honestly content with things the way they are? Wouldn’t you actually like more assistance, more abundance, more kindness, more delight?

Your energetic patterns determine what you manifest in the physical realm.

When your energy consistently says “yes, please! Thank you!” you manifest all manner of good with greater ease.

This is not an overnight shift. Just like you can’t lose 10 pounds overnight, you can’t change from energetically rebuffing abundance to welcoming it with open arms simply by deciding. It takes dedicated practice.

What if I told you there are energetic transmissions designed to ground, support and uplift you?

These energy transmissions align your body, mind, heart and soul with your highest good. They clear the way to living easily and fully in your life’s purpose. Receive it fully, and it will be the wind beneath your soaring wings. Like weights in a gym, receiving these transmissions strengthens your ability to receive.

Imagine yourself bathing in a golden light…every cell is refreshed and renewed. Anxiety washes away; you are filled with a deep inner peace. Your heart expands, able to give and receive more love. Your mind is clear – perfect decisions flow as you easily access your intuition. Frenzy is dissolved; your actions are focused and effective. You are fully present to this moment, neither consumed with the past, nor worried about the future. Money and all forms of abundance are drawn to your light as are all good things: health, friendship, laughter, love and delight.

What if I told you that it’s possible to receive this Support without having to go anywhere or do anything, and that it is available at an extremely reasonable cost? If you have no need of streamlined, elegant assistance from the invisible realm, stop reading now. But if you can use all the help you can get, read on. 

If you do not get this energetic support…

If you continue trying to do it all yourself, you are bound for growing exhaustion, overwhelm, and depression. We transmit our passion and our energy (or lack of it) to everyone around us in an open broadcast. Life is short, my friend, but it’s a lot shorter when you operate in this “self-sufficient” mode. You are highly prone to physical as well as mental break-down.

Because your efforts are built on the very fiber of your heart and soul’s yearning to serve here on Earthwe aren’t talking about simple failureWe’re talking about the collapse of your dreams. From that, depression and despair follow in quick succession.

The cost to your relationships happens far sooner than the collapse of your dreams. As you draw on more and more of your personal energy to push your vision into reality, there is less and less of you available and present for those you love. Who sticks around when there is nothing there? Why put yourself in the age-old bind of “do I have love, or do I follow my dreams?” when it isn’t necessary?

Your simple, elegant, and easy solution:

The source of the Support you seek, is the energetic work I do: a mix of Remote Reiki and my unique energetic gifts. I call it “Reiki in the Grove” in deference to the energetic space I use for it (it happens to be my Soul Sanctuary!)

Reiki is an ancient healing art that uses the energy of the Universe to support your body, mind, spirit and heart in doing what they do best: using their extraordinary mechanisms to keep you functioning at a high level of well-being. Getting Reiki in person involves lying fully clothed on a massage table, first on your back, finishing facedown. The practitioner rests his or her hands on 13 sites on your head and torso, for 2-5 minutes in each place – the hands simply rest – there is no manipulation of tissue. The 13 sites correlate with not only the body’s 7 energy chakras, but also with each major physical system: respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, digestive, etc. The experience of receiving  these energy treatments is most often deeply relaxing. It takes the body into an autonomic state utilizing the parasympathetic nervous system.

Receiving energetic treatments from a distance is precisely the same, except the practitioner is not in the room with you, and you can sit or lie down in any position you find comfortable. You can even be asleep. In fact, all the benefits can be delivered from a distance in only half the time.

All you have to do is to be sure you are not driving at the pre-set time, and to set your intention to receive. That’s it. Super-simple.

The benefits of this kind of energetic support are far-ranging:

from improvements in physical well-being, to emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. A profound ability to give and receive more love, a greater sense of calm and inner peace. A sense of faith; of knowing that all is well.

The speed of these benefits depends on you, but I have had clients experience them as early as the first session.

So imagine yourself… sleeping like a baby at night, waking up excited about the day ahead. Finding it easy to prioritize exercise, meditation, journaling – those things you know keep you centered and well cared for.

Imagine feeling attuned to All That Is, knowing power much greater than yours is at work on your behalf. Having plenty of energy throughout the day. Noticing all you are grateful for, instead of feeling driven by what is not yet there.

Imagine an unimpeded flow of inspiration, of creativity, of ideas, coupled with a wise perspective on how to implement them in a leveraged fashion.

Imagine being able to channel the energy of the Universe as you do your work and spread your light, no longer running dry or bottoming out.

Imagine making space and time for the people you love, communicating fully, expressing with ease.

Imagine laughing more, a greater flow of love, a greater ability to receive all that comes your way: love, opportunities, money. 

“Who will be sending me this fabulous stuff?”

My name is Lindy MacLaine. I’m a Coach, Wisdom Keeper, and Energetic Facilitator. At this point in my life, in my fifties, I’ve learned as much about how not to live life as how to live it. Reiki was a lifeline for me through my own dark night of the soul. It taught me that the shards of my broken dreams weren’t an indication that God didn’t love me. There was an enormous amount of love available to me. Reiki felt like liquid love pouring over me. I just lay there on the massage table, tears filling my ears. I was the obstacle – I didn’t love myself. I couldn’t take in what I wouldn’t give myself. I had to work on that, slowly and steadily. Reiki kept reminding me of the abundance available, kept giving me grounds to stretch my receiving muscles, to forgive and to love myself unconditionally.

“Divine Love is the most powerful chemical in the Universe – it will transform anything unlike itself.” –part of a prayer quoted in Lee Milteer’s Mystery School

I trained in Reiki level I very soon after my first session, trained in level II about five years ago. But it was during my enrollment in Lee Milteer’s Mystery School that it became clear to me that I have been gifted with the ability to send Reiki to more than one person at a time. I have tested that download out, and found it to be true.

Here are some examples of my clients’ experiences, in their own words:

“Receiving Reiki has been game-changing for me. It’s helping me to feel more balanced, more connected.  I am able to  switch out of anxiety much more quickly, to not go to that panic-place where I’ve hung out far too long.”

–       Jennifer Kropack, Shaman in the Business World Teaching Creative Mastery and Self-Expression

“You have a very strong energetic imprint – it’s unmistakable: strong, but peaceful. When I open to receive the Reiki, I often catch my breath, astounded by how much willing help rushes in. After years of feeling stuck, I am remembering the power of taking action. I’m eating smarter, losing weight, walking daily. I’m surprised to find myself spending time and energy on me for the first time in years.”

–       Janne Potter, Leading Community in Creative Endeavors that Heal

“For years upon waking my mood has been very low. I find mornings after Reiki I am in a better space emotionally. I think the energy work with you has loosened up things that my conscious intellectual mind can’t begin to understand. It is a whole body experience of moving to another life and way of being, without knowing where I am headed, just the next step.”

–       Mercy Burton Russell, Bowen Systems Therapist, Author & Speaker

“On several different occasions I’ve been able to remain calm in circumstances that would usually have had me in a worried tizzy. The nights you send Reiki I tend to sleep much better than the other nights of the week.”

–       Lin McLaughlin Bruce, Grandmother Cross-Country Cyclist and Speaker

“Overall I have certainly been sleeping better, and have gaining back some needed weight.  My blood work results at my recent physical showed improved levels, and my blood pressure is lower!

–       Robert K. Bruce, Yoga Teacher and Heart-Centered Community Visionary

People like you…

…who spend so much time and energy helping others, often fail miserably at making appointments to help themselves. I know. Me too. So I wanted to make this super-easy, something you don’t have to work to do. And I wanted to make it happen regularly, in abundance. Not just an appointment with me once a month, but an appointment with me every week.

Every Friday evening, at 10pm Pacific Time, I will send you an Energy Transmission. All you have to do is to not be driving, and preferably be able to relax and close your eyes (to focus inwardly). If you live on the east coast and it’s 1am your time, that’s fine as well. Perfect, in fact. You set your intention to receive the Energetic Support before falling asleep, and I have easy access to your energy-body. It takes about a half hour. People have told me they sometimes wake up when it finishes, aware of the withdrawal of energy. If you are unavailable to receive Reiki that night, you just say so out loud. “No thanks, I’m not available to receive energetic support this evening.”

This kind of energetic support could have any kind of price tag –

it’s value, frankly, is priceless. In person I generally price it to match local massage prices: $75/session. You will get 4 (sometimes 5!) Friday treatments per month, a $300 value.

In addition to the energy work, monthly 20 minute individual check-in calls are available to you: you simply e-mail me when you want one, and we’ll set it up. That gives you a chance to focus on your active intentions and how you are working with the energy.  These calls and the deepening connection they create are a $100 value.

Together a $400/month value, I am offering these weekly treatments and monthly conference calls to you at only $107/month. Yes, you heard right. And that’s the price when you go for the payment plan!

Here’s where I go really crazy.

since you are investing in energetic self-care for the year, I’m offering you not just one energy treatment per week, but 2. Not just on Friday evenings, but on Tuesdays as well. So you receive twice the value for the cost!

It works out to be less than $10/session. When you pay up-front, it would break down to just $83/month!

VIP Bonus: when you accept the year-long offer, I will invite you to a members-only Facebook group, where you will have a chance to connect and share with others on a similar journey. The potential for group and on-on-one support here is priceless.

Let’s address the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome.

“How do I know you will really be sending me this energy treatment? How do I know this isn’t a scam?” My answer is you’d have to know me – and you will, if you work with me. Integrity is part of my Life Purpose, and I can no sooner offer you something I won’t deliver on than I can go without eating. But because I know it is natural to wonder about something new, I offer a no-questions-asked guarantee. If you decide Remote Reiki is not for you within 60 days of your purchase, I will refund your investment.

It comes down to this: I ask you – when would NOW be a good time to give yourself the support you so richly deserve?

Warning: This program is not for you if you are not serious about accelerating your spiritual journey, nor for the faint of heart. If you are not ready to receive assistance from the Universe, if you aren’t prepared to take action and accept the opportunities that come your way, please don’t waste my time or your moneySign up ONLY if you are 100% ready to say “YES!” to living your life full out.

Looking forward to sharing this amazing energy, this light and love, with you!

Lindy MacLaine

P.S. This program is designed as a full year commitment. Your results are cumulative—give yourself time for the full transformation you deserve!

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