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  • Knowing What You Want

    October 30, 2017

    Is knowing what you want next in life easy for you? The truth is, for most of us, the…

  • Falling into Autumn

    October 3, 2017

    If “Falling into Autumn” means a mood plunge for you, here are 5 ways to catch yourself from sliding…

  • Move Your Mind

    September 20, 2017

    Your freedom and happiness can swing on your ability to shift perspectives. So—How do you move your mind? Jacqueline…

  • Courage to Leap

    May 10, 2017

    Perhaps it’s not so much a need to increase your confidence as it is a need to shift how…

  • Lyrical Inspiration

    April 10, 2017

    Ready for some lyrical inspiration on living well? Whether you are 50 or 80, this book will give you…

  • Claim Your Confidence

    February 27, 2017

    Essentially, confidence is self-love. This means the time to claim your confidence is NOW! No more waiting until you…